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About Us

EMPLOYERS looking for candidates may kindly note the following points:-

If you are looking for candidates to be recruited in India, please visit our website

At Pharma Jobs India, we recruit candidates for more than 60 categories of jobs / specialities / positions. Please refer the JOB CATEGORIES page for more details.

If you are looking for candidates to be posted abroad, please refer this website and send your enquiries to us. Whether it is a country manager / business development manager / plant manager / service engineer or any other positions, this is the site you may refer:

Our database consist mostly of passive candidates. They are not looking for a job. They are stable, happy people. If you can convince us that your company is a good place to work with, we will convince these stable candidates to apply for jobs with your company.

There are many companies who fill the vacancies with candidates who apply directly. Such companies end up with a lot of back benchers. Many companies think that it is cheaper to recruit the candidates from direct applicants. But, it is not so. Everything should be measured at efficiency levels. A cheaply acquired candidate may be less efficient. For example, it is better to spend some money and recruit a candidate who has efficiency level of say, 80% or 90%, than recruiting a candidate who comes in cheap, but has an efficiency level of say…40%, or 50% or 60%. This is what a good consultant can do for you. When your stakes are in millions or crores, saving a few thousand rupees or dollars in the recruitment process will diminish your profits by millions or crores.

The CVs you find on most of the job portals are of the candidates who are already out of job, or who are on the verge of change. Just think of it…… the same CV is visible to all the employers who subscribe to the job portals. In other words, you will be chasing a candidate who is chased by dozens of other employers as well.

Many employers think that they can do the recruitment work themselves. It is like someone thinking that he can prescribe the medicine for himself. Or, like someone who thinks he can fight the case in a court of law all by himself and why to appoint a lawyer. Or, like thinking that one can file his income tax papers by himself and why should he pay a chartered accountant for doing it. While it may be possible to do the work themselves sometimes, it makes a lot of difference when a full time professional who is a specialist in industry specific recruitment does that work for you. When you do it yourself, the efficiency level may be 50%. Or, say 60%. Perhaps, more also. But when a specialist does that work for you, you can expect efficiency levels at 80%, 90% or more.

If your business is a growing one, it is better to take professional help. By doing so, the professionals you associate with will promote your name and business. If you say you are great, very few people will believe it. But if another person says you are great, the 3rd person hearing it will believe it mostly.

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